In the evening hours, Shenanigans is the place to hangout.  The intent of this gathering spot is to provide us a central location to congregate and become acquanted with our fellow campers.  Sit or stand around socializing and enjoying the X-otic drink of the evening, munching popcorn, hot dogs and other nibbles, or just hangout and "BS" all evening.  Since Shenanigans is adjacent to the Dance Barn, step on in to enjoy the laser light show and dance those sandals off to the hot mixes of our favorite naked DJ.  It's fun to drink a bit, mingle a bit, dance a bit and then repeat.

Due to the popularity of this nightly hangout and the costs associated with providing open bar and snacks each night, a suggestion was made that IMEN accept contributions from those who enjoy this fun spot and would like to help it continue and improve each year. So, there is an now a space included on the Early Bird Registration form as well as the standard Registration Form for inclusion of any amount you may want to contribute.  All of these contributions are used for maintenance of the activities @ Shenanigans.  This is entirely voluntary, not a request nor a requirement