Rules and Regulations 

By registering for the IMEN Gathering, each person agrees to abide by the following rules and regulations. These rules are for yyour safety and protection.

IT IS MANDATORY THAT EVERY IMEN ATTENDEE WEAR HIS NAMETAG AT ALL TIMES and IT MUST BE VISIBLE!  If you observe someone not wearing a name tag, notify any Board member as soon as possible.  The name tag worn by each of us is a major part of our security while at camp.  Not only does your name tag identify you, it verifies that you should be at the gathering and also verifies your housing location and your days of attendance.  If lost, contact a Board member to have a replacement made.

PHOTOGRAPHY: The vast majority of us who attend the gathering wish to take and have photographs taken of ourselves and our friends having fun together during the many exciting and fun events occurring throughout each day of the gathering.  In addition to digital cameras, practically everyone now possesses a cell phone which is capable of taking photographs (and more).  A RED name tag signifies No Photos, Please!  When taking photos, please notify anyone you notice is within your photo range of your intent. It will be the responsibility of that person to move away from that location, at least temporarily.  In a large group setting where photos are openly being taken by many of those in attendance, it will be the responsibility of those wearing RED name tags to be aware of their surroundings and to remove themselves from any scene which may reveal their identity.  Those who choose to wear RED name tags should not participate in any contests or games, etc., unless their identity is altered or disguised.  Those attendees who choose to wear a RED name tag are expected to NOT take photos.

SMOKING: No Smoking indoors, which includes Cabins!  Fire regulations require that smoking shall be limited to outdoor areas only. Please move at least 15 - 20 feet away from any building or populated area while smoking.  Please dispose of all smoking materials into the proper “butt” disposal unit. DO NOT THROW BUTTS ON THE GROUND! 

LITTERING:  No Littering! Please use one of the many conveniently located trash receptacles.

NUDITY: All campers are expected to be nude! This is not a clothing-optional event. Weather, medical conditions, Happy Hour costumes and stage performances are exceptions.  No nudity allowed within sight of camp boundaries, or off premises. 

CELL PHONES: Please limit the use of cell phones to secluded areas and be respectful of your fellow campers by trying to keep the ringer turned off when inside your cabin. Cell phones can become very intrusive and are offensive to some. 

ALCOHOL AND DRUGS: The sale or use of illegal drugs will not be tolerated. Use will result in immediate expulsion, termination of IMEN membership, and may result in arrest and prosecution. Wine, beer and liquor are provided at the afternoon Happy Hour and at evening Shenanigans events.  Each member is expected to take personal responsibility for his own behavior and actions when consuming alcohol.  Overindulgence of alcohol which causes improper behavior and/or actions will not be tolerated and may result in expulsion from camp and forfeiture of all monies paid. 

FIREARMS / WEAPONS: No firearms or other weapons are allowed on the grounds at any time!

PETS: No pets! If you are on an extended trip with your pets, we can provide the names of nearby kennels. 

FIRES: No fires except in designated campfire areas, as provided by the camp staff. 

SWIMMING: Swim at your own risk! 

EXCESSIVE NOISE: Please be respectful of your fellow campers' person and property at all times, including the camp employees and neighbors of the camp. Excessive unnecessary noise will not be tolerated. 

RULE ENFORCEMENT: It is the responsibility of each camper to remind others of the rules and to participate in their enforcement. There will be absolutely no refunds for any camper expelled from camp for any reason.